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Invandis Staff Application
« on: July 26, 2014, 03:14:40 am »
Position Applying For: Server Support / Forum Moderator
Forum Name: Invandis
In-Game Name: Invandis
What You Have To Offer: I offer knowledge to new players,  hospitality, and cordiality.
Why You Want To Join Our Staff: I want to join because i think i can help when others are not on and since the server is new, i would like to grow with the server and watch it prosper.
What You Expect Back: I don't really expect anything back besides respect
Your Experience: Years of Runescape and Runescape private servers, I've had many staff positions in throughout those wonderful years such as, in-game moderator on Runescape (a couple years ago) and admin/mod on private servers (not going to include servers)
How Long You've Been With Us: Not sure, its been so fun i lost track of time.(: (probably a couple days)

A Little More About YOU: My name is Kevin and i'm 15 years old, i live in The United States, i like playing MMORPG'S and FPS'S, I love big words and weird sounding ones, I like math, and I like outdoors sports, such as football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and skateboarding, i also like basketball. I could possibly go on and on but i dont think you want to read an auto biography about myself so i'm just going to stop.(:

P.S. since i have probably been playing for a couple of days, and if you even consider me, and if you want i can wait for a couple weeks or longer, since i'm still a "newbie" and redo the staff application

~ Invandis

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