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Invandis's Suggestions
« on: July 27, 2014, 01:13:35 am »

-More sections in the tutorials section. Example: skilling & pking
-Introduce yourself section (instead of posting it somewhere else)
-Goodbye section (could also be in the introduce yourself section)
-Show off your skills section (post graphics and stuff that you think is cool)
-buying and selling section


-Skilling outfits
-Queen black dragon
-Kalphite queen
-Pest control
-Another custom boss (maybe?)
-Ring of wealth (or drop rate increase)
-Real rs bosses difficulty(maybe?)
-Allowed 2 starters per IP
-Starter includes low level items Example: iron armour, shortbow, bronze arrows decrease exp rate, no ::master
-Prices Increase on some items that shouldn't be the price they are
-Working dungeoneering w/ shop & hunter
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