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Trivia Guide
« on: July 27, 2014, 11:41:24 am »
**Work in progress***

If you have played the server for about 5 minutes you know that trivia pops up, sometimes you know the answer sometimes you don't so i am here to help you!


Flower Permit - 1k Trivia Tokens
Dice Permit - 2.5k Trivia Tokens


In what year was the Duplication Glitch in RuneScape?
::Answer 2003

Who is the creator of RuneScape?
::answer andrew gower

What is illuminence spelled backwards?
::answer ecnesenimulli

What is maximum combat level in PvMLegacy?
::answer 138

What amulet does Imp Catcher give?
::answer amulet of accuracy

What site pops up when you do::Vote?

Untill what year did the beatles exist
::answer 1970

What is the latin word for alpaca

What is Santa Claus's real name?
::answer nick

How many items are there in the PvP Token Shop?

What is Michael Jackson's best-selling album of all times?
::answer thriller

How much do you have to pay to get into Al-Kharid  you haven't done the Prince Ali Rescue quest?

What was first obsidian weapon Jagex released?
::answer dark dagger

What slayer level do you need to kill abby demons?
::answer 85

What is the PvMLegacy game playing mode? (Multiplayer/Solo)
::answer multiplayer

In what year did Jagex release dungeoneering
::answer 2010

Who is the co founder of Jagex Studios
::answer andrew gower

What level is the PvMLegacy Damage Master?
::answer 250

What gaming genre is PvMLegacy
::answer mmorpg

Which non player character drops sigils?
::answer corporeal beast

Where do you get zeals at?
::answer Soul wars

What is the most powerful curse?
::answer turmoil

Where is the wise old man located?
::answer draynor manor

What was the falador massacre?
::answer a glitch

what activity is monte carlo most known for?
::answer casino

What color does a donator sign have?
::answer green

What is the name of the new firecape
::answer tokhaar-kal

how many legs do a spider have?
::answer 8

What was the first minigame Jagex released?
::answer clan wars

In what year was RuneScape HD released?
::answer 2008

Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable?
::answer fruit

What does the PvMLegacy God drop?

What is the best free to play armour?
::answer rune

What do you recieve when a fire disappears?
::answer ashes

What do abby demons drop

How many trivia points does a bulldog puppy cost?

If you know more questions or the answers just comment

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