Author Topic: Things Done, and Those To Do.  (Read 105 times)


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Things Done, and Those To Do.
« on: July 22, 2014, 07:19:37 pm »
- reworked all shops and item prices.

- start on a proper skilling shop located @ spell book>home tele>skilling
- finished all skilling shops except farming and construction. Added anvil and furnace to skillingzone.

- this morning I set levels back to normal, new players will now spawn with
99 summ 99 dung 3 herb 10 hp and 1 att str def Mage range pray.
- added: abyssal whip(soulcrush) which heals you randomly between 0-999 hp on spec. Also added abyssal whip (spitfire) which has 115 str bonus rather than 105. Also both new whips randomly restore prayer.
- finished the new legendary shop. Beware until we have more players your legendary items will sell to shops for 52% of what you bought for.

- removed ::vengrunes and barrage runes commands and fixed the runes price bug.
-added to global teleports: training for high and low levels, frost dragons, reg dragons, duel arena.
- fully added respawning npcs for training and all above listed teleports.
- removed the ability to setlevel of combat skills via skillcape shop.

To come:
**** will be adding support to chat box access on android/iOS phones ASAP.

finish skilling shops, add to skilling zone,  make training zone for levels 15-60 and 61-138, add theiving objects to skill zone, fix farming skill, edit all boss's drops, update item prices on notice board and complete a  pvptoken shop, legendary shop2, pure shop, and damage master shop, move tent and damage master game to home somewhere. Add slayertower to global teleports. Fix clan chat creation. Fix loot share. Fix the "show equip stats" interface bug. Setup duel arena. Remove or fix ascention crossbow, as well as add 2 new special whips, a new crossbow, a new bow, and a new secret item ;D also make a second magic shop. Add bank tabs. ... [to be continued]

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